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  • When do I open the first window?
    As the date of the Diwali festival follows the lunar calendar, Diwali is celebrated on different dates each year. Your Diwali countdown box starts on Dussehra, a festival that is always twenty days prior to diwali. So, if Diwali is on October 28th, your countdown starts on October 8th.
  • What kind of quiz is part of the boxes?
    All our countdown boxes contain education quizzes about the festival they are counting down to. The quizzes are made of simple, fun question about tradition and heritage. With our countdown boxes, you learn a little bit about the festival, what it is about and why it is celebrated. In a joyful way. The quizzes are for everybody interested in other cultures, no matter of age, nationality or age. The answers of the quiz are printed on the back of each box.
  • Are the boxes in English?
    Yes! All our boxes are in English.
  • Can we order the boxes for our kindergarden, school, ngo, church, temple, community,...?"
    If you would like to use the countdown boxes as education tool or for special events, please get in touch with us. whatsapp +49 151 75 55 58 80
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